Introducing Zenuty, a collection of astronaut and universe-themed temporary tattoo stickers that ignite the imagination and add a touch of celestial beauty to your body. Designed with intricate details, these flash fake tattoos depict planets, stars, and custom designs that capture the wonders of the universe.

1. Astronaut and Universe Theme: Temporary tattoos bring the allure of space and the thrill of space exploration to life. Each tattoo showcases astronauts, planets, stars, and other captivating elements, inspiring dreams of cosmic adventures.

2. Customizable Designs: Unleash your creativity and individuality with our custom tattoo options. Personalize your temporary tattoos with your favorite planet, star, or even your name, making each design a unique expression of your cosmic spirit.

3. Kid-Friendly and Waterproof: Our temporary tattoos are safe for kids and designed to withstand playtime adventures. They are waterproof, ensuring that the vibrant designs stay intact even during water-based activities.

4. Easy Application: Applying Temporary tattoos is a breeze. Simply clean the desired area, place the tattoo face down on the skin, apply a damp cloth to the back, and hold for a few seconds. Then, gently peel off the paper backing to reveal the astronautic art on your skin.

5. Size and Portability: Each tattoo sticker measures 10.5x6CM, providing a suitable size for various body parts, such as the arm. The compact packaging makes it easy to carry and share the cosmic spirit wherever you go.

6. Waterproof and Long-lasting: Temporary tattoos are designed to withstand everyday activities and play. They are waterproof, ensuring that the designs remain vibrant and intact for an extended period, allowing you to enjoy the cosmic journey for days.

Inspire the imagination, embark on cosmic adventures, and adorn your body with the enchanting beauty of the universe using Temporary tattoo stickers. Whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, these waterproof and custom-designed tattoos will transport you to a world beyond the stars, capturing the spirit of exploration and wonder.

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